Friday, November 16, 2012

Senate Democrat: 'Can't guarantee 2014 budget'

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The Senate is where US Government budgets die. As the story below notes 'The last time the Senate passed a standalone budget resolution was in 2009.'

It is this simple fact that demonstrates how irresponsible the Democrat-led Senate has been. Every year the House of Representatives passes a budget only for it to die in the Senate. The Senate could AND SHOULD amend the parts of the House-passed budget and pass their version so that the two halves of congress could then come together and agree on a budget.

However, the Harry-Reid led Democrat controlled Senate does next to nothing. What they have done is vote down the President's own proposed budget. At least they are on record for that. They are also on record for not being willing to put a price on anything
“There’s a great danger, not just for the Budget Committee but for the whole Senate when we don’t follow regular order with open debate,” Sessions said. “It is very distressing to me that Sen. Reid has, for political reasons, not allowed Senate Democrats to be on record for anything.”

“They don’t need a single Republican vote to pass a budget,” he said.

Unlike most bills, the budget resolution cannot be filibustered on the floor and it takes only 51 votes to pass. Democrats will control 55 seats next year. - The Hill

Of course this is intentional, in that the Democrats and the President have for years been not been attempting to pass a budget, but not even bothering to even mark up a Senate budget bill. Some people may think that this does not matter. However, this is a huge problem for programs attempting to get funding because the continuing spending resolutions are all based on a budget passed when George Bush was President. This leaving emergency and new funding issues to try and find some other way to get funding requests through Congress. Even the Pentagon is running into problems given that they last budget no longer reflects the current realities of the Department of Defense.

It occurred to me on the drive home today that President Obama and Harry Reid are doing this because it is their intention to bankrupt the Country. They know that the country is on an unsustainable spending spree and intend to ride it out with no intent to fix it. Really, look at how Obamacare was planned. They started counting revenue years before expenses, knowing that budget calculations would only look 10 years into the future. This gave Obamacare the appearance of cutting costs. But all the time they knew that huge expenses were hidden outside the CBO estimate. If a private company did this sort of accounting gimmickry people would go to jail. However, this is how corrupt politicians get re-elected.

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