Saturday, November 10, 2012

Petraeus Resignation Timed To Avoid 'embarrassment to the president before the election'

The story of CIA Director Petraeus's resignation gets dirtier as news leaks that Petraeus was kept in his position for months so as not to negatively impact President Obama's Reelection campaign.
Still, the White House, with concurrence by the FBI and Justice Department, held off on asking for Petraeus’ resignation until after the election. His resignation occurred three days after the election, avoiding the possibility that Obama’s ill-fated appointment of Petraeus could become an issue in the election.

FBI agents on the case were aware that such a decision had been made to hold off on forcing him out until after the election and were outraged.

“The decision was made to delay the resignation apparently to avoid potential embarrassment to the president before the election,” an FBI source says. “To leave him in such a sensitive position where he was vulnerable to potential blackmail for months compromised our security and is inexcusable.” - Powerline Blog
Heaven forbid threats to National Security get in the way of President Obama's Reelection campaign. Did they really keep him in this position for over a year knowing that he was potentially compromised. That is wholly irresponsible and a true violation of the trust of his position. Not that his supporters care.

Found at Ace of Spades HQ.

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