Saturday, November 10, 2012

CBS News - 'Russia reminds Obama of missile defense promise'

President Obama has done great damage to our national security in a number of ways. One way is his eagerness to trade away our strength for supposedly better relationships with the bad actors and 'Anchor Countries' of this world. Obama was caught pleading for patience from the Russians until after he was re-elected.
The controversy over the planned missile shield has strained the relations between the U.S. and Russia. Moscow has rejected Washington's assurances that the shield is intended to fend off potential missile threats from Iran and voiced concern the system could threaten Russia's nuclear deterrent.
In March, Mr. Obama, unaware that he was speaking on an open microphone, told Dmitry Medvedev, then Russian president, that he would have more flexibility on the issue after November's election.
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin appeared to try to remind Mr. Obama of his promise when he said Thursday that Moscow hopes that the U.S. president will take into account Russia's concerns about the U.S.-led NATO missile defense for Europe. - CBS News
Limiting the effectiveness of a missile shield in Europe does nothing to help the US. It is kind of like local criminals in a high crime area complaining about increased police presence. It certainly exposes our traditional friends in Europe to the threat of a hostile Russia, a threat President Obama appears to refuse to recognize.

What other promises has President Obama made to the Russians and other troublemakers around the World?

Found on JWF.

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